13 July 2008

1008 Ma entelws axristes plirofories

A vre Trelle mou, thelw na se euxaristisw pou me kaleses sto blogopaixnido, sorry pou pire tosooo poly kairo, alla opws ksereis eixa alles ypoxrewseis!!

Ok coming in at number 10

Kathe xrono kai kathe 10 xronia kati ginetai, kai olos mou o kosmos ginetai ano - katw!!

Loipon exw mathei na pairnw to kalo me to kako. Kai opws mou eipe mia fili mou, Otan O Theos kleinei mia porta anoigei kapoia alli, estw kai ean o dialos einai sto hall.

Exw mathei na pigainw me to flow, to let go when things need to be let go off.

The angelic beings, or celestial intelligences, are divided into three triads, containing the nine orders, and whose names, represent the divine attributes that they manifest to all below them.

To know myself and others and to reach the best I can be hasn't always been in my agenda, but it is becoming so crucial to me right now.

888 - A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning so you can prepare. This number sequence may mean that you are winding up an emotional, career, or relationship phase. It also means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, it means, “The crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them.” In other words, don’t procrastinate making your move or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

There have been so many times that I have waited till something better comes along, I have learned to savour the moment, and live each day as it comes.

Number 7 is the sign of Completeness, it is considered the number of the Virgin and of the holy spirit. We live life in a series of 7 years.

When I was 7 I wanted to be a doctor so I can cure cancer. Mind you that changed because I also wanted to be a police officer like my grandfather.

Now my inherent parts have not actually changed. My pathway involves healing and protecting myself and others. Funny how I've come a full circle.

Six: The symbolism behind number Six is legend. With Venus as it's ruler, Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. Sixes naturally reveal solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner. We invoke the Six when we need delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. The spiritual meaning of number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically "lighting" our path in areas where we require spiritual and mental balance. Sixes beckon us to administer compassion, and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation.

Ahhh Lessons to be learned, I do like a balance in my life, but I don't always have one.

There have been times that I have been focused in way too much in either my physical side or my mental side, I have learned to respect all my sides equally.

The number 5

Represents expansion. Inclusiveness, comprehensive, understanding, and judgment. Increase, richness and propagation. Justice, reaping and harvesting. Reproduction of self in the material world, fatherhood, rewards and punishments. The seed-fruit or pomegranate, multiplication. It represents communication, movement and versatility. The number 5 is number of the intellect and both written and oral expression. The symbol of Mercury.

The coming together of equals in a sacred relationship that's what number 5 means to me....

4 Virtues According to Plato:Wisdom, courage, self-control, and justice.

I hope that I can practice all of them.

Three is the magic number, find the riddle within ;) Three is also the number of my family at the moment, we have been through so much together and I wouldn't change a thing, it seems that we have always been holding each other's hand while another wave came upon us.

Two’s represent balance, weighing decisions, and planning. The energy of Two helps us with harmonizing, and not taking hasty actions.
Two: The symbolic meaning of number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning.
Two beckons us to choose. The spiritual meaning of number Two also deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships (both in harmony and rivalry), and communication.
Two’s urge us our of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals, as well as exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.

For me it represents my feminine side, my moon side which is very important to me.

Last but not least number 1

Life Lesson Number 1: The one is the number of the leader. If your life lesson is a 1, you have incarnated to learn how to be independent, creative and strong. Your challenge is to push forward like a pioneer into new worlds and original realms of thought and experience. There is tendency to be self-focused and overly driven, and above all impatient, and this must be balanced with the needs of others and realistic limitations. One's are generally competitive and outgoing, and usually a step ahead of the crowd. You're a natural inventor or innovator; your challenge is to have confidence in yourself and act to manifest your dreams. One's often go into business for themselves, or move to the top of existing organizations or structures to lead.

How on earth do I do that???

This is one of my life lessons and I don't know how to do it!!!


There you go totally useless pieces of information about me!!!



Trellos_tou_xoriou said...

Duskolo tropo dialekses na paikseis touto to paixnidi. Edoses pneumatiki dunami sta noumera me ton logo sou
Se eyxaristo pou dextikes tin rosklisi mou