19 March 2008

It's only the beginning

Well it's only the beginning, the reason for this blog is the same as anyone else, baring of the soul.
I sometimes feel as if to truly change is the most difficult thing on earth. To go from a brat to a grown up ( how hideous) to an enlightened adult who sees things through the eyes of a child. What a full circle we've come. So these are the ramblings from a child who was waiting for her Knight in shining armour to come and rescue her, only to find that the only saviour is in her soul, there were no Knights, just dark nights of the soul with little glimpses of moonlight and sunlight and lessons to be learned. So expect everything from these ramblings, a bit of dark night, a bit of a of spoilt child, a bit of light, but mostly it's the ramblings of a healing heart.

We've come to bring you homeHaven't we, cassiel?
To cast aside your loss and all your sadness
And shuffle off that mortal coil and mortal madness
For we're here to pick you up and bring you homeAren't we, cassiel?
It's a place where you did not belong
Were time itself was mad and far too strong
Where life leapt up laughing and hit you head on
And hurt you, didn't it hurt you, cassiel?
While time outran you and trouble flew toward you,
And you were there to greet it,Weren't you, foolish cassiel?
But here we are, we've come to call you home
And here you'll stay never more to stray
Where you can kick off your boots of clay
Can't you, cassiel? For death and you did recklessly collide
And time ran out of youAnd you ran out of time,Didn't you, cassiel?
And all the clocks, in all the world
May this once just skip a beat in memory of you
Then again those damn clocks, they probably won't
Will they, cassiel?
One moment you are there and then strangely you are gone,
But on behalf of all of us here we are glad to have you home
Aren't we, dear cassiel?

By Nick Cave


Cellular Memory Area
4th Chakra
Governing Angel
Angelic Healing Gift
Helps Us To Clear
A heart closed by heartache and betrayal

So this is what I'm hoping to Clear, with a little bit of help from my friends above and here.